Air freight

Air freight

Today vibrant and fast-paced global businesses require air freight services that are fast and dependable. Amin Tarabar Company provides quick, efficient, and reliable air transportation services. We cover all main airports in Iran and overseas and offer various air freight solutions to fill your resources and schedule. We also provide consultation on the quickest transit times and best routes.

Our team of specialists drops all the time-consuming hassle of dealing with customs, compliance, paperwork, and more. We help assure the quality by controlling the supply chain and customs clearance at all principal Iran airports.


Airfreight forwarding services are often used for high-value and low-volume shipments. Airfreight is the fastest shipping method, has very reliable arrival and departure times, and you can send cargo to nearly every worldwide destination. It also offers lower insurance premiums and higher-level security, and a reduced risk of theft and damage. There is less packaging and less storage required. Additionally, you don't need to keep as many units in stock due to the quicker transit times.

Amin Tarabar's air freight forwarding services are also suitable for time-critical delivery. We work with carefully selected and reputable air carriers offering direct, deferred, consolidated, and hand carry services which means we can fulfill your schedule requirements and delivery deadlines.

As our services are bespoke, we can tailor delivery to suit any item, however large or small, urgent or otherwise.


Our air freight forwarding services operate from the airport to the airport. Using our overseas agents, we can arrange goods to be collected and delivered to the airport, complete with all the necessary shipment documentation. You can also have the goods handled from your door and flown to the destination airport.


Our staff secures the most competitive air freight rates on popular routes every month. You can receive them via email and compare the costs. When possible, we can also negotiate the rates with our partner air carriers to provide you with the best rates on the market.

You can also request a free quote through our website. You need to fill out the form and provide all the essential details about the consignment. This matter will help us come up with an air freight forwarding service to match your needs.

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