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About Amin Tarabar

Amin Tarabar has had long-standing cooperation with famous shipping Companies / Int’l Transporters / Trading Companies / Great Industrial Companies and during this Business gained remarkable experience in all Shipping aspects, relying on its professional and experienced staff Logistics supports

Amin Tarabar international freight forwarding Co was established to fill the need for an independent freight forwarding company. The company quickly developed a reputation as a customer-oriented business; therefore, it built on this successful formula. The company has become one of the best leading forwarders in Iran. Customer, technology, and good employees are crucial to success. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services given the limited resources. In its development process, we have gradually established an international worldwide network that offers complete-fledged logistics services by air, ocean, and inland.

Our vision

Amin Tarabar International Transport Co. with the brand Amin Tarabar international transport co, relying on specialized and trained personnel in various trade and global transportation services, benefiting from the experience and expertise of managers and founders who are experts in the field. International transport and international trade services to provide integrated logistics and carrier services and forwarding of goods to its customers, including transportation, clearance, customs formalities, and warehousing, was established in 1983 in the Registry of Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions by obtaining the necessary licenses and certificates from relevant public and private organizations.

Thanks to innovative technologies and skilled staff, we can offer transport solutions tailored to your requirements. Benefit from fast transit times, substantial capacities, a wide range of products, and unrivaled service quality.

Our Values

Amin Tarabar has found a special place in the shipping industry during its two decades of CIS countries and possesses more than 100 standard trucks and trailers. It is one of the well-known companies among Iranian international transport companies.

In 2007, its current owners bought it and joined the Shahab Saqib International Transportation Company group as a ground freight carrier specializing in Western Europe.

Today the company owns 45 Euro 5 or 6 certified trucks servicing all parts of Europe.

Due to the country's need to perform commercial and transportation services in the form of the supply chain, in 2021, the company planned to purchase and equipped a complex with the same purpose in an area close to the customs and Imam Khomeini International Airport, and this goal Will follow to satisfy its customers.

The slogan of our company is ( Accompanying until you arrive, ) and for this purpose, we respond to you dear customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A look at Amin Tarabar

Amin Tarabar Company is all international freight transportation services provider, including land, sea, rail, air, and combined transportation. This company is ready to provide the best shipping service by having a network of representatives in all parts of the world.

Documentary services: Issuing and sending shipping documents in the shortest possible time is always one of the most important and influential factors in performing customs formalities for goods.

Preparing these documents accurately and at the best time is one of Amin Tarabar Company's strengths. We keep in touch with customers/ goods owners in preparing documents, simultaneously reviewing and controlling documents by our partners, and document issuers in companies exporting and importing goods we serve as customers are one of our regular and essential services.- Translation of texts into official languages and used by customers and companies of their contract.

  • Preparation of all shipping documents, including invoices, packing list of goods, certificate of origin, bill of lading, carnet, and CMR, are among the papers we prepare.
  • Confirmation of the documents required by the customer by the relevant organs
  • Send shipping documents to all parts of the world

Providing all customs services and formalities

Amin Tarabar Company provides all customs, import, and export services in and out of the country. It regularly informs its customers to ensure the exact arrival time of goods and services.

Our Team

ُSeyed Ali Seyed Khamoushi

Managing Director

Majid Rasouli


Born in 1980

Bachelor of Accounting and Business

Master of Business Administration

Mehdi Saadan

Financial Manager

Born in 1987

Bachelor of Financial Management and Accounting

Safe and Trustworthy Companionship